Times Out ~ 2 Walls, 32 Counts, Beginner/Intermediate Line Dance

Choreographed by Li (M’sia) & William Sevone (Apr 2011)

Choreographed to :-

(1)  “戀の魔法 (Tick Tock) (Japanese Version)” by杨丞琳) Rainne Yang

(2)  “青春鬥 (Tick Tock) (Chinese Version)” by 杨丞琳) Rainne Yang

Intro     : 32 Counts.  On vocals [00:18]

Note      : Have fun with YOUR OWN ATTITUDES!

§1+2 [Side, Close, Side, Close R, Chest Pump, Side, Hold] – R Then L Lead

1234Step R to R, step L beside R, step R to R, step L beside R 

5678Chest pump x 2, step R to R L with toe up, hold

9-16Repeat counts 12345678 above with L Lead.

§3   Heel Grind, R Coaster, Heel Touch, Hold, Close, Touch Behind, Pivot ½ R

123&4Touch R heel fwd, grind R heel by twisting R toe L to R, step R back, step L beside R, step R fwd

56&78Touch L heel fwd, hold, step L beside R, touch R behind, pivot ½ R [6:00]

§4   [Diag. Back-Touch-Side-Touch (Zigzag Pattern)] x 2

1234Step R back to R diag., touch L beside R, step L to L, touch R beside L

5678Repeat counts 1234 above.


Tag (8 Counts)   End of Wall 1, 2, 3 & 7 facing 6:00, 12:00,    6:00 & 12:00

1234Hold 4 counts in place (add your own hand styling)

567&8Rock R fwd, recover L, step R beside L, chest pump x 2

Bridge (36 Counts)   End of Wall 5 facing 6:00.

§1   Cross, Unwind ½ L (Use your best hand styling & attitude)

1234Cross R over L, unwind ½ L [12:00]

§2+3 [Push Shoulders R-L, Side, Hold, Reverse Rocking Chair] – R Then L Lead

12  Rock R to R push shoulder R, recover L push shoulder L

34  Long step R to R, drag L towards R

5678Rock L back, recover R, rock L fwd, recover R

9-16Repeat counts 12345678 above with L lead.  

§4+5 [Side, Close, Side, Close, Paddle Ό x 2] x 2

12345678Step R to R, step L beside R, step R to R, step L beside R, [step R fwd, pivot Ό L] x 2 [6:00]

9-16Repeat counts 12345678 above. [12:00]